Turf-Protection Film

Protect Your Artificial Grass

As the damage caused by window glare is a result of the light being concentrated by the unique factors of the exterior of a pane of low-e window glass, the best way to stop glare damaging turf, vinyl siding, and more is to alter the actual external panes of energy efficient windows. This is best achieved through the simple, minimally invasive application of anti glare window film. 

Anti reflective window film consists of ultra thin sheets of material that are applied directly to the outside of the windows. The window film features countless little perforations that are too minute to be detected as you look through the coated window from inside or look at it from the outside, but these little punctures, which are strategically spread all over the film, change the way in which sunlight interacts with eh surface of the windows. Rather than seeing a pane of highly reflective low-e glass as one large lens that concentrates photons into a focused beam, light particles bounced off of anti reflective window film are sent scattering about in countless directions.

Windows coated with anti reflective window film still reject enough light to be energy efficient and eco-friendly, and they can be seen through easily. They also still allow in plenty of the welcome visible light you like about the interior of your home or place of business. The only noticeable change you will see after applying anti glare window film is that there will be no damage to the landscaping, structures, or accessories on your property or on neighboring properties. (Also, you eliminate the risk of being momentarily blinded or even scorched by super heated reflected light.)